Services offered


  • Strategy Audit
  • Custom or template driven web site or web app creation
  • Hosting and domain management services
  • Blog creation and management
  • SEO optimization, monitoring and measurement

Commercialization Advisory

  • Market Analysis, Sizing, Segmentation and Landscape
  • Market requirements analysis: 
  • Key customer pain point, unmet need, and willingness to pay
  • Product Strategy Development
  • Key competitors, strengths and weaknesses; positioning
  • Build-versus-buy assessment
  • Business risks, opportunities, and threats
  • Economic modeling and investment model
  • Business development / partnership identification and execution
  • Product Marketing and Management
  • Sales model, sales training, and product launch

Technology and Data Advisory

  • Needs Assessment
  • Contract placement
  • Project management
  • Software architecture and implementation plans
  • Data acquisition, data cleaning, and data management
  • Data computation
  • Data presentation and user interface design
  • Analysis and telling stories with data