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Ron Ranauro

Incite Advisors is led by Ron Ranauro.

As a former startup CEO and software developer I operate at the intersection of these two disciplines to help clients align their business and web strategies.

My vision is to help business owners move their web strategies beyond store-fronts to providing measurable impact on their business performance.

My mission is to help businesses use the power of the web to do this. This could require improving a company web site to be more content rich, social-media aware to better engage customers; or imagining and researching the market for a new product, and then organizing the team to create it and launch it. 

Over the years I've been blessed with some exceptional mentors. One of the things I enjoy about my work is mentoring technical and business talent. Its especially gratifying to get feedback that someone you have helped along is succeeding.

Ron was a great mentor for me when I first started my professional career as a web developer. He’s super experienced at both software development and product management. He always keeps up with the most modern technologies in IT industry. The experience working with him was a great treasure for me, which I can still benefit from even today.
— Xuan Lu, Web Developer at LinkedIn